Did you get a seedbomb?

What is a seedbomb?

Seedbombs are a great way to spread the green! Greenspace seedbombs are specifically created to be non-invasive (meaning they are native to the area and won’t mess up the ecosystem), so feel free to throw them in your yard or even plant them in a pot on your porch!

How do I use it?

Be sure to remove any wrappings around your seedbomb before using it! After being “bombed”, it usually take around 2-3 weeks to start looking impressive – so get ready for some green!

Can I make them myself?

Yes you can – here is how to do it!

Collect clay, compost, seeds, water, and a bowl you don’t mind getting dirty. Mix the seed, clay, and compost together in a bowl (use a ratio of about 3 handfuls of clay, 5 handfuls of compost and 1 handful of seed).

Then, start slowly adding water (you don’t want it too gloopy), mixing it all together until you get a consistency that you can form into truffle-sized balls. Lay them out to bake dry on a sunny windowsill for at least three hours.

Once they are dry, then you’re ready to “bomb”!