Proudly built in Tampa & NYC

What started out as just two sisters in a tiny shared apartment, juggling the crazy adventure of starting a new business in between college classes and part-time jobs has grown over the last ten years into what Greenspace is today. 

We have always loved the freedom and excitement building a business can bring – as kids we teamed up to sell everything from lemonade to friendship bracelets and created business cards for our tutoring and babysitting services.

This fueled a desire to bring bookkeeping and managerial accounting to businesses in a way that an owner could easily digest (meaning, no scary accounting lingo) and use that information to grow their business. So, as the two of us graduated with accounting and business degrees, we made the decision to team up again and create Greenspace.

A process designed with you in mind.

After your free consultation, we get a complete view of everything that could have an impact on your business financial needs.

We then review your answers and use those factors to determine the unique blend of services needed to address your concerns, goals, and preferences. The result is a perfectly customized service that’s made just for you.

A service that grows with you.

Your custom experience goes beyond your initial consultation. Each month, we continue to optimize your service based on changes in your business and new discoveries in tech.

We’ll also use your personal feedback to make updates as needed, like adding or removing specific reports or updating methods to address new or changing business concerns.

Our in-house team is always innovating.

Before greenspace started, our founders went on a mission to find the most effective solutions – both human and AI based – that met our high standards of financial reporting.

Today, our team continues their research so that each time you get a report it is updated with the best and most innovative components to address your needs.

Our Promise

We created Greenspace as an answer to the old-school accounting firms and endless DIY software options that tend to be clunky, confusing or impossible to keep up with.

With customized managerial accounting, we prioritize each individual business owner. No generic categories that define you by business size, growth rate, tax status, or industry. And no compromising on a service that makes big claims and never delivers.

Creating a custom service for each client guarantees that each need is met and that nothing falls through the cracks. We want to be the most valuable asset and partner to your business so that it grows and constantly improves.