Setting up your Ledgersync access for non-compatible bank/credit card accounts

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If you have a bank or credit card that doesn’t allow for bookkeeper access, then we will utilize a software called Ledgersync to get access to details such as transactions, check images, deposit records, and statements. Your bookkeeper will send you a link and login information to use when setting up your account. Once you have received this info, follow the steps below:

Click the link your bookkeeper sent you where you will be prompted to setup your password

You will then be taken to a login page – use the username provided to you by your bookkeeper and the password you just setup to login. Once you are logged in and on the home page, click your name on the left side of the screen and then click the “+” button to add your account.

Make sure you agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Continue

Search for your bank or credit card provider and click the provider name

Enter your login information (remember, this is the SAME login information as if you were logging directly into your bank or credit card account). You may be prompted to enter security questions or authorization codes.

Wait while the system pulls your account information and then select the checkboxes next to each account you’d like to share with Greenspace

Once you are done selecting, click the “Save and Continue” button. Now the system will attempt to pull the data we need and your bookkeeper will let you know if there we need any further information.