How to connect your bank accounts to Quickbooks Online

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The first step in connecting your bank or credit card data to Quickbooks Online is to click the “Banking” tab in the left side menu.

Then click the “Link account” option at the top right

Use the popup window to search for your bank and click the bank name when you see it on the list.

You will be prompted to use your bank login to connect to your account securely. Remember, this is the exact same login you would use to login to your bank on the bank website.

Select the accounts you would like to connect (make sure you choose all accounts that are used for business and do NOT connect any personal accounts).

Use the dropdown to pick the matching account in Quickbooks. For example, if you connect your checking, make sure you map that to an account labeled “Checking -0000” (or something similar).

Once you’ve mapped all your accounts, click the “Connect” button at the bottom.

That’s it! Now your bookkeeper can see your transaction data and will be able to detail, categorize, and reconcile each line!