How to add us into your Bank of America account

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Here are the steps to adding a new user to your Online Banking profile:

  1. Login to your account and click the “Business Services” tab
  2. Click “Add new user”
  3. Enter the details below
    Name: Greenspace Bookkeeper
    Online ID: provided by your bookkeeper
    Passcode: passWORD123 (this will be changed once we have access)
    Email Address: bookkeeper@greenspaceteam.com
  4. Then click “Continue”
  5. Review the information (you can leave the SafePass and Administrator options turned off), then click “Continue to Accounts & Services”
  6. Under “Accounts” turn ON all business related accounts and then check the boxes underneath in the “View/Inquiry Settings” – be sure to check BOTH boxes – “View Statements” and “View Check Images”
  7. Then click “Finish”
  8. Send an email to your bookkeeper as soon as you’ve set up our access and we’ll confirm that the connection has been successful

You can also watch a video on how to add a user in Bank of America here: Click Here to Watch the Video