How can I protect my business idea?

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Let’s say your business idea is based on a great, unique idea or invention, you’ll want to make sure your idea is protected. There are a lot of different ways to protect your ideas such as: copyright, trademarks, NDA’s, and patents. You will want to consult with a lawyer specialized in these types of protection before making a decision, but below are some basic resources to get you started!

Patents and Trademarks – USPTO.gov

There are a lot of helpful resources on this site that will walk you through what each item is and how to get started.

Non-disclosure agreements – NOLO.com

Having employees or contractors sign a non-disclosure agreement is a good precaution to take when dealing with a unique, protected idea. 

Copyrights – Copyright.gov

Copyrighting your work may be applicable in certain scenarios. The link provides helpful information about what a copyright is and what it protects.