Add access to Valley National Bank

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User Management allows access to add users, edit user rights, assign limits and delete users. Each user has their own set of rights, which may include:

  • Rights to create payments and templates for certain transaction types
  • Approval limits
  • Rights to access accounts
  • Rights to different features available in online banking

Set up a new User at Settings>Manage Users>Add User. Enter the required information and click Save.

When adding Greenspace as a user, make sure to fill out the fields with the following details:

  • First Name: Greenspace
  • Last Name: Bookkeeper
  • Email Address: bookkeeper@greenspaceteam.com
  • Phone: 813-402-0607
  • Logon ID: this ID will be provided by your bookkeeper
  • Password: pa$$WORD123 (this will be changed to a secure password once we login the first time)
  • User Role: Make sure to assign the user role that provides us with the access you’d like us to have to your bank account – we’ll need to view checks, deposit images and bank statements!

If your setup requires a SSN or Address, you can use the following info:

  • SSN (EIN): 462-89-3567
  • Address: 800 Third Avenue, Suite A, #1099 New York, NY 10022