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Please follow the instructions provided by Hancock Whitney below. You may also click here to view them directly on their website.
Q:Can I give my bookkeeper, CPA, etc., access to my Online Banking?
A:You may set up our subuser feature by selecting “Subuser Administration” located under “Accounts & Services” on the main menu. This allows you to give others their own username and password to log in to Business Online Banking. You will also be able to control their access to accounts and what actions they can perform through the “Subuser Administration” page.
Q:How do I control what accounts subusers can see and actions they can perform?
A:During the subuser setup process, the administrator will select entitlements to determine which accounts the subuser can see and what functions they can perform. To edit these entitlements, select “Subuser Administration” located under “Accounts & Services” on the main menu. On the “Subuser Administration” page, select “Entitlements” next to the subuser’s name. You can also set the subuser’s profile to “Active” or “Locked” from this page.


When adding Greenspace as a user, make sure to fill out the fields with the following details:

  • First Name: Greenspace
  • Last Name: Bookkeeper
  • Email Address: bookkeeper@greenspaceteam.com
  • Phone: 813-402-0607
  • Logon ID: this ID will be provided by your bookkeeper
  • Password: pa$$WORD123 (this will be changed to a secure password once we login the first time)
  • User Role: Make sure to assign the user role that provides us with the access you’d like us to have to your bank account – we’ll need to view checks, deposit images and bank statements!

If your setup requires a SSN or Address, you can use the following info:

  • SSN (EIN): 462-89-3567
  • Address: 800 Third Avenue, Suite A, #1099 New York, NY 10022