Add access to “banking-services”

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To add Greenspace to your bank account managed by “ibanking-services” or “ebanking-services”, follow the instructions below:

1.) Login to your bank account, then navigate to the “Administration” section and choose “Manage Users”


2.) Click “Create new user”


3.) Fill out the requested fields with the following information:

  • User ID: greenspace
  • Password: password123 (this will be updated to a more secure password upon first login)
  • First name: Greenspace
  • Last name: Bookkeeper
  • Primary e-mail address: bookkeeper@greenspaceteam.com
  • User Telephone Number: 8134020607


4.) Click “Continue” and choose any appropriate roles. Typically you can leave this section blank:

5.) Click “Continue” and choose any appropriate accounts. Typically, you will want to choose the following (make sure to select all applicable accounts in dropdowns):

  • Accounts
  • Deposit Reports
  • Information Reporting
  • Loan
  • Statements and Documents

6.) Click “Continue”. You should see that “No services were added to this user that require limit settings” and then click “Continue.”

7.) Verify the user’s profile as needed and then click “Submit”