How It Works

We make online bookkeeping easy with our simple software and helpful team. You can run your business with confidence knowing the bookkeeping is always ready when you need it.

Meet your team

Whether this is your first business or you’re switching from another service – getting started is easy. Your dedicated account manager will take care of everything and be there to cheer you on as your business grows!

Connect your data

Connect your data to our system that allows us to integrate automatically without worrying about spreadsheets and paper documents. Use other services (like Gusto or Stripe)? We’ll walk you through those connections as well. 

Get your custom reports

On the same day each month you will receive your detailed report package, graphs, and  personal notes from your team. You can take a look anytime to add detail, provide feedback or request updates!

What makes Greenspace different?

We make bookkeeping the easiest task to take off your to-do list. You get a team of amazing professionals who truly care about your business and are always behind you when you need help or have questions! We give you all the tools you need so you can take charge of your financials and make the best management decisions for your business every time.


You’ll never get behind again and you’ll never wait around for reports. We guarantee our reports before the 20th of each month.


Our detailed procedures, amazing software, and skilled bookkeepers provide you with the highest quality accrual accounting.

Friendly Customer Support

We are here to help. Your dashboard has useful resources and we always respond to your questions in 1 business day.

Ready to get started?

Sign up now to get instant access and take bookkeeping off your to-do list!