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I'm ready to sign up now - how do I get started?

Awesome! You can click here to sign up now. Depending on the size of your business, the monthly fee starts at $289/month. Just choose the plan that best fits your business and your new bookkeeper will reach out within one business day if any adjustments or updates to your plan are needed.

What's included?

  • Accrual Bookkeeping (Cash and Profit-First supported) – 100% accuracy guaranteed
  • Track transactions easily with neatly organized classes and departments
  • Clear and comprehensive Chart of Accounts tailored specifically to your business
  • 3-in-1 bookkeeping team: Support Manager, Bookkeeper & Accountant
  • Avoid hefty tax fees and time-consuming data entry with our monthly balance sheet reconciliations
  • Monthly payroll reconciliations to help you avoid a catastrophic bookkeeping error that could affect your employees
  • Everything you need to file taxes. Delicately prepared, peer-checked, and wrapped in a tidy package – we’ll even deliver it to your CPA.
Services not offered:
  • CPA services (tax filing and tax/financial advice)
  • Business administration services (i.e. calling customers, managing bills or invoices, etc.)
  • Desktop software – we currently only support Quickbooks Online


When you join Greenspace you become a part of our team. Your team is made up of a support manager, bookkeeper, and an accountant. All working together to ensure your business is running smoothly. With a highly-skilled and helpful team, you will always have someone available who understands your account in detail.


Are you able to integrate and access software data from my bank, POS, booking, and/or payment software? Absolutely! A clean, uninterrupted connection with the software your business uses for day-to-day operations is essential. Some of our favorites include: Gusto, Bill.com, Stripe, Launch 27, Amazon, and TaxJar. We’ll even help you set up and customize your software.

More answers to common questions can be found here.

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The Greenspace Guarantee

You’ll Love Our Team or Your Money Back

After updating, consolidating, and optimizing your books, we’ll invest time to understand your needs and develop a plan to meet your business goals. Get a custom plan and your books done for you, risk-free. If you’re not impressed, after 30 days, then you get 100% of your money back.
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