Frequently Asked Questions

How does Greenspace work?

We become your go-to friendly support for all things managerial accounting. This means that in addition to carefully consolidating, coding, and inputting all your relevant data from all sources, reconciling every line and transaction, and providing detailed and helpful reporting, we are also always around to help. Not sure what a graph means? We’ll help you understand! Need help figuring out if you can hire a new employee? We can help you calculate and project a budget! Our most important goal is to help you, always.

What’s included in my service?

As your new managerial accounting team, your service includes everything to provide you with accurate and useful reporting. We take data from every source (merchant services, payroll, loans, banks, credit cards, etc) and carefully code, reconcile, and input it into your reports so that we can provide you with the most detailed and powerful reporting possible.

Can I sample the service before I buy?

We do not offer any trial of our plans. However, we proudly stand by our service and will provide you with a full refund if you are not satisfied in the first month! Our service is on a month to month basis, so if you ever need to cancel, you just need to provide 30 days notice.

How do I get started?

Every business is unique and has to deal with special problems and goals, so our first step after you sign up is to talk to you about your concerns and plans for your business. We’ll ask about things like if you run payroll, if you have loans, etc and then put together a plan to provide you with custom reporting (specific sales trends, overhead items, etc). As we work together each month, we can add more custom reporting and provide feedback on what the data means and any trends we might see.

Can you help me with solving problems?

Yes, we love helping our clients solve problems! Not only will we point out any trends or problem areas, we will also offer helpful tips or recommendations on how to solve these problems. We can help with anything from reporting on odd charges to helping you figure out your most profitable item!

Do I always work with the same person?

We believe that managerial accounting works best when you have a good relationship with your bookkeeper, so yes, you will always work with the same person who knows you and is familiar with your data and specific needs.

What software do you use for accounting?

We support Quickbooks Online as it is one of the most common, powerful and detailed accounting solutions available today.

What other software do you support?

Businesses today are run efficiently using a series of different software, such as, point of sales, payroll, merchant services, etc. We are able to customize a connection between most software available, but we recommend the following: Gusto, Bill.com, Stripe, Launch 27, Amazon, and TaxJar. We are also always always researching and discovering new and helpful software, so if you’re looking for a good solution to a problem you can always ask!

Do you support cash or accrual accounting?

We believe in starting our clients out on the best foot forward, so we always recommend using accrual accounting methods. However, if you require cash accounting, we can help you make adjustments and run reports!

Does Greenspace file my taxes?

We do not file your taxes with the IRS or any other agencies, however, we do make sure your financial reports are perfect and ready-to-go come tax time. We prepare a Year End Financial Package that contains everything your CPA will need to file. We recommend connecting us with your CPA directly so we can work together with them to quickly provide data and answer questions.

Do you offer tax or financial advice?

While we will always help with suggestions, tips, or helpful reports about your accounting data, we cannot provide you with any tax, legal, or financial advice. We always recommend chatting with your CPA or attorney for tax or legal advice.

Do you offer invoicing, bill payment, inventory management, or payroll?

We do not offer any of these services, but we can help you get connected with the right software or company to help you with administrative tasks like these.