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We’ll walk you through a brief series of questions to understand your unique business needs and goals so we can formulate your custom solution.


I’m uncomfortable working with an online rep as opposed to an office I can swing by at my convenience. 

Will I always work with the same person?

Does Greenspace file my taxes?

Do you offer tax or financial advice?

Do you offer invoicing, bill payment, inventory management payroll, or other business admin services?

More answers to common questions can be found here.

What you’ve tried before

3 Most Common Bookkeeping Mistakes

Avoid these and thrive…

DIY Darrel

“I can do it myself, I’m a bootstrapping entrepreneur.”

  • Struggles to balance the demands of working “ON” his business versus working “IN” his business.  
  • Suffered from an unexpected tax fee that almost destroyed your business. 

Large Firm Larry 

“I don’t mind paying extra for the peace of mind that a big accounting firm provides.”

  • Tired of playing “catch-up” with every new bookkeeper assigned to his account. 
  • No personal touches, no connection, no investment in his business.
  • Rushed experience making him feel like “just another dollar sign.”  

Betty the Batcher 

“My CPA can straighten everything out at the end of the year if I make a mistake.”

  • Pays additional fees for the additional time her CPA needs to catch-up
  • Has a poor image of her overal business health
  • Misses overspending and unable to follow a budget

There’s a better solution…

Greenspace Team **emphasis on team**– the perfect balance between expensive corporations and personable weekend warriors.


(Beancounter Approved)

  • Profit-first, Accrual Bookkeeping – 100% accuracy guaranteed
  • Track transactions easily with neatly organized classes and departments.
  • Clear and comprehensive Chart of Accounts tailored specifically to your business. 
  • 3-in-1 bookkeeping team: 1. Support Rep 2. Bookkeeper 3. Accountant All at your fingertips.
  • Avoid hefty tax fees and time-consuming data entry with our monthly balance sheet reconciliations.
  • Monthly payroll reconciliations to help you avoid a catastrophic bookkeeping error that could affect your employees. 
  • Everything you need to file taxes. Delicately prepared, pear-checked, and wrapped in a tidy package – we’ll even deliver it to your CPA. 


GREENSPACE PLAN – $589 p/ mo


Includes everything in the basic plan PLUS…


  • Monthly budget reports to pinpoint overspending immediately and accurately.
  • Start budgeting for tax season with our tax planning projections – April is coming. 
  • Grow your business with accurate financial data wrapped up in our custom package, delivered straight to your inbox every month.  
  • Your very own private Slack channel to ask any question you have at any time. Sorry, we can’t help your kids with their math homework.
  • The secret to benchmarking and how it can help your business surpass national standards.
  • Professional tips from a licensed accountant. We’ll diagnose issues to help you complete your financial goals. 


Services NOT offered:

  • CPA services
  • File taxes or offer tax/financial advice
  • Business administration services (i.e. calling customers, managing bills or invoices, etc.)
  • Desktop software – we only support online software such as QBO or Xero (both recommended)
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The Greenspace Guarantee

You’ll Love Our Team or Your Money Back

After updating, consolidating, and optimizing your books, we’ll invest time to understand your needs and develop a plan to meet your business goals. Get a custom plan and your books done for you, risk-free. If you’re not impressed, after 30 days, then you get 100% of your money back.