Not your typical beancounters.

Greenspace does things a little differently. And we like it that way.

We think bookkeeping should be simple, easy to understand, and affordable. We think that accurate, beautiful and timely financial reports can be the most useful tool a business can have. We think the days of stressing about keeping up your books should be over – what do you think?

Greenspace is bookkeeping… reimagined.

Our Story

Greenspace started up in 2009 and we’ve been working hard (and having fun) ever since. We owe a huge thanks to our community and our clients for loving what we do and supporting us on this amazing journey, and we hope that you’ll join our team and be part of our story!
The Greenspace Journey
Greenspace is born
Two super cool sisters get the bright idea to join forces and provide construction companies with the best administrative and accounting service known to mankind!

Connect with Kelsey
Connect with Morgan

ALL the industries
We refine our processes from the ground up and realize that our awesome bookkeeping services can be used by every single industry – heck, we all need great books right?

We go national!
Being the best remote accounting service out there, Greenspace decides to go national and starts growing all over the U.S!
Our best year yet?
We’re constantly working to provide the best of the best and this year we’ve launched our new and improved dashboard for even better communication and ease of use!

How It Works

Greenspace is here to make your bookkeeping the easiest (and maybe even the most fun!) part of running your business. We make the process super simple so that you can stop worrying about bookkeeping and get back to doing what you love: running your business!
Once you’re ready to let us take the bookkeeping off your hands, you’ll want to meet us (we’re really fun). We’ll schedule a meeting (phone, online, email – whatever works best!) and chat about where you are and where you’d like to be.
We are so excited to be working with you that we got you a present! You’ll get your welcome box in the mail after you’re all signed up (it’s full of fun goodies)!
While you’re off enjoying your welcome box and growing your business, we’ll do the number crunching (and keep you posted on how it’s going through your online dashboard).
And that’s it! You’ll be setup to get your reports on the same day every single time. We promise you’ll love the detailed accounting, easy to read reports, and the helpfulness of your bookkeeping team!

Answers to all the questions you haven't asked

Not sure if remote bookkeeping is right for you? Curious about the specifics? Wondering how to choose the right software or the right accountant? No worries – we made a super detailed guide about hiring a bookkeeper and what to expect – check it out!

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We made a super detailed guide about how to hire a bookkeeper and what to expect – check it out!

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